Don’t Forget Tennis

Tennis players warming up before practice
Tennis players warming up before practice by Hope Herrera

Working on the perfect swing and the perfect hit to make that tennis ball fly to the other side is the goal for every tennis player. For Keely Ussery the sport is very important to her, tennis is her life; she’s been playing the sport since she was little.

“I really like this sport; it’s a lot of fun and we always have to move around,” varsity player Ussery said.

Being active and moving around is Ussery’s type of sport so tennis works great for her. Multitasking is also something the players have to learn.

“We have to keep on our feet and always move around, but I’mnot very good at that,” Ussery said.

When they are in tennis players are constantly moving.

“We learned first hand which is my strongest suit; we also made playoffs,” Ussery said.

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