Split Review

“Split” premired Friday, Jan. 20, with some theaters offered showings Thursday at midnight. The movie stars James McAvoy as Kevin, a man diagnosed with 23 various personalities. He’s slowly starting to uncover the 24th, after he abducts three teenage girls played by, Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cook, Jessica Sula as Marci and Haley Richardson as Claire Benoit. The 24th personality is the one that Kevin was afraid of unleashing, referred to as “The Beast”.

Scene from film were the girls are about to be abducted.

The movie turned out to be a lot more of a thrill than I visioned, and it was definitely interesting. A jaw-dropping moment for me was the way Kevin got away with the abduction and was never caught. Also I didn’t expect him to build a relationship with the girls with his different personalities. Out of all girl Casey was closest to him.

His whole mindset was burning with confusion as the personalities kept changing making the girls question who he really was and why they were being kidnapped. I’m giving this film a rating of a 7.5, because I hoped the film would have gone more into detail about Kevin’s past and illness. Uncovering more of what he was diagnosed with would have drew me in much more.

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