A Senior Year To Remember

As the road comes to an end, it sure was an odd one for the class of 2021. From social distancing to daily Zoom calls we made it to the end. And with less than a month remaining until graduation many things were left canceled for this year’s seniors. Homecoming, pep rallies, orchestra concerts, dance competitions, UIL, the Brahma march, prom, and lastly what’s been hanging on the ledge for the class of 2021… a graduation. It remained up in the air until news dropped that this year’s class will have a formal graduation ceremony at the Alamo Dome. Surely this year, and especially last year was one we’ll never forget, but with the coronavirus still being a nationwide pandemic how will it play a role in the graduation ceremony? To begin, each graduate was given 6 tickets to hand out to their family member of choice, and of course, there will be social distancing, but will there be any trouble from families who are against the virus? Or how do the seniors feel about having an in-person graduation? 

“With everything going on it makes me hesitant, but with there being a vaccine I hope people would’ve made the right choice and taken it, but everyone has their own beliefs,” senior Jayden Villarreal said. “But I do wanna go. I’ve always dreamed of crossing the stage, but I will be cautious about it. When it comes to tickets I would’ve wanted there to be a good amount of tickets so I could have the people I wanted there, I think the six tickets are too little but understanding the circumstances and the caution they’re taking I appreciate and understand that, so with six tickets that’s not bad. I understand why there are six tickets.”

From my own point of view-I’m happy we’re having a graduation. I appreciate all that the faculty, and staff have done for the students throughout these difficult times because I know it’s not easy. I feel safe having an in-person graduation seeing that there is a vaccine that helps prevent people from getting COVID. Having six tickets is understandable knowing the Alamodome will have social distancing going on in an arena that has a capacity of 72,000. It was easy to choose who I wanted to attend, but hard to tell the others I couldn’t choose. But I am appreciative that the administration was able to get a venue for the graduation ceremony.


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