ASL Talent Show

Every year, Mr. Kitterman and some of his ASL students put on a talent show in which students perform ASL songs, skits, and representations of deaf culture. Last year the talent show was unable to be in person due to COVID, but this year after lots of hard work the talent show was held in the auditorium without an audience and filmed for students and parents to enjoy from home. 

In every ASL class, (ASL 1, ASL 2, ASL 3, and Advanced ASL), students learn and translate songs, or put together skits about deaf culture, then perform them in front of their classmates. On a regular year, Mr. Kitterman would pick the best acts and ask them to perform in the talent show. But because of the challenges this year has brought us, Mr. Kitterman allowed any student who wanted to be in the talent show to perform. This year, there were 31 songs in the talent show.

The challenge of putting on a show with smooth transitions was not there,” Mr. Kitterman said. “But there was the challenge of students not being on campus and able to work with song partners as well as less time devoted to songs this year. ” The talent show has been an annual event that excites ASL students, along with Mr. Kitterman. It was important to him for the talent show to happen this year, and despite the many obstacles thrown at us this year, the talent show was a success. 

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