Can We Trick or Treat?

Last year there wasn’t much of a celebration at all, people set up grab-and-go candy stations, and built trick-or-treat contraptions to safely hand out sweets but, how will covid affect Halloween this year? COVID had a huge effect on the way we celebrate Halloween, and there are precautions we still have to take. This year might just be the same. With COVID calming down and flaring back up the question remains. 

“Last year I stayed in my house because of COVID I couldn’t go out,” sophomore Santiago Santin said. “So I just stayed home helping my mom.” 

This was the case for many others around the world, myself included. There’s a division in the plans for this year. Some people staying in, some people going out. 

“Hopefully I’ll be able to spend it with some friends,” sophomore Elizabeth Garcia said. “Last year I stayed in and gave out candy to trick or treaters.” 

COVID is still a concern to her, but this year she wants to try to do something. This is the situation for a lot of people, trying to make plans no matter how big or small they are. 

“Personally, I’m not concerned with COVID because I’m not going out, but I can see why others would be concerned,” sophomore Danielle Barrios said. 

If you plan to go out there are definitely ways to stay safe. Incorporating a mask into your costume is a quick and easy way to protect yourself and others from spreading the virus.   


Checklist for safe trick or treating

  1. Mask up
  2. Carry hand sanitizer
  3. Keep safe distance from others
  4. Check candy before consuming
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