Feeling Euphoric: Out of Touch

Welcome back to Feeling Euphoric, my name’s Jordan and I will be covering all of season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria and giving my personal opinions and outlook on the show.    

The episode starts right where episode one ended: Nate unconscious covered in blood being dragged to the hospital by Cassie, Maddy, and McKay. Cassie holds Nate’s hand as he struggles to make it to the hospital. This scene is used as a gateway to see Nate’s mindset. 

After Nate hooked up with Cassie secretly behind Maddy’s back in the first episode, it seemed to be nothing more than just something to stir up the pot to kick off the show. But it seems to be more than a hookup to Nate. 

Nate fantasizes about living the rest of his life with Cassie. The scenes try to trick you into believing Nate and Cassie are living happily together, but in reality, it’s nothing more than a fantasy. With this we are presented with an amazing scene where Nate fastly drifts between fantasies about Cassie, past memories of his father and his actions, and arguments and hardships with Maddy. 

But, unlike how most of the Europhia community wanted …. Nate is still alive. 

Next, we learn that Cassie is a snitch. We find out that Cassie is still going behind Maddy’s back and having “encounters” with Nate despite knowing Maddie still has feelings for him. Cassie was also the first character to snitch on Fez for beating up Nate.  Cal Jacobs, Nate Jacob’s father, goes to Cassie’s and Lexi’s house to try to gather information on what exactly happened that night, but Cassie tells the whole story and rats out Fez. 

Cal is told so much from Cassie that he goes to Fez’s convenience store and has a hostile interaction with Fez while hiding a gun in his jacket pocket. The conversation ends with Cal leaving the store with nothing more than some snacks, but you can feel the discomfort between the two charters’ interactions. 

The show climaxes with a faded Rue gathering all the strength left in her body to check herself back into a form of AA meeting with her sponsor, Ali. This could be a sign that Rue has real interest in getting clean. 

Overall this episode added more questions to what this season will mainly be focused on and how the tension between charters result in. 

That is my brief summary of episode two. Hope you read next week. Stay safe Mac, Jordan out.

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