Brain Hurdle With Wordle

Once again the internet has released a super popular website called “Wordle”, which has gained extreme attraction in the past three weeks. Each day, there is a new word, and guessing it has progressively grown more difficult as the website gained popularity. The website is in such high favor, that when you google “Wordle”, the Google icon on the top left changes to a mimic of the game. 


The easiest way to explain how this game is played is this: You get six attempts to guess the five letter word of the day. So far, the number of letters in the word each day has consistently stayed at five letters. First, you guess a word and press enter. If some of the letters in the word you guessed turn gray, those letters are not in the word. If some of the letters turn yellow, those letters are in the word you’re attempting to guess, but not in the correct place. And, if some of the letters turn green, they are in the correct place. 


English teacher, Mr. White, started a competition with a few of his students to see who could guess the word with less tries every day.


“I’ve been obsessed with playing everyday since I saw it online,” Mr. White said. “Once I found out some of my students loved it as much as I did, I decided some friendly competition would be fun for us.”


On Feb. 1, the New York Times bought the website for a seven figure price (over a million dollars), and now have complete ownership of it. The website used to be a UK link, but now it is linked with the New York Times. (  

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