Feeling Euphoric: All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned For A Thing I Cannot Name

The last episode was a good way to calm down while also building suspense for what happened in this episode. 

In this episode, the first half of Lexi’s play “Our Life” is shown. Lexi has cast students that look similar to her friends for the play. Rue’s look-a-like is named Jade, Cassie’s is Holly, Maddy’s is Marta, and Kat’s is Luna. 

The play is exactly what the title portrays, it’s their lives. It’s a coming of age story about all the girls. Rue looks sober and is really enjoying the play in the audience. Maddy and Kat look like they’re enjoying it as well. Jules is also in the audience, but she and Rue aren’t together anymore. 

The cinematography in this episode just kept getting better and better. There were flawless transitions from the play back to their actual lives, reflecting on the memories that brought them to this very moment. The lighting and zooms make the tone shift dramatically without any words. It shows you the emotions in the scenes just through lighting. 

Fezco is seen getting ready for Lexi’s play in dress clothes, a look way different from his usual one. His effort to see Lexi is really sweet but we never see him leave the house in this episode, just clips of him getting ready, but Ashtray growing suspicious of Faye and her boyfriend. 

Lexi saved him “the best seat in the house” so him being late slightly disappoints her. But she  doesnt’ let it ruin her play. 

One particular act from Lexi’s play really sets off Nate. After the performance involving football players and the gay stereotypes Nate storms out of the auditorum which catches the attention of the giggling audience. 

Cassie chases after him, but he tells her off and ends up kicking her out of his house. Cassie goes to the bathroom and practices her smile so she can fake cheerfulness. The scene is silent in the bathroom, making you feel the tension and emotion as all you can hear is her sobbing breaths. This is one of the examples of the fantastic cinematography in this episode. 

The episode ends with Cassie walking back to the auditorium and looking at the play through the window on the door, her breath fogs up the glass as she watches the crowd cheer and laugh. 

After this a “To be continued…” text appears on the screen next to Cassie breathing on the window.

 This episode had so much foreshadowing and I can’t help but grow impatient for the next episode. This episode was really well done, from the lighting to the way it was filmed. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for another episode this season. Presley out. 

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