Helpful Tips to Get You a Summer Job

Summer is almost here, and for some kids that might mean going to the beach or lounging by the pool, but for others summer is a time to finally get a job. Finding a job can be difficult, especially with many teens going for the same job once that final school bell rings. There are tips that can be used to make it a little easier.


“The most important part of a job search is your resume,” senior Nicole Nixon said. “Your resume will be the first impression to recruiters and hiring managers”.


Applications are the first step to any job hunt, and different places will have different questions on their application, however, one that most will ask is what someone’s availability is.


“Be honest about your hours, like your availability, because you don’t want to get a job that schedules you constantly,” junior Christina Manzo said.                           .


There are different aspects of each job, especially whether you’re working in retail or fast food. Each come with their own requirements.


“Retail, it’s a little more laid back, but retail requires organization […] you know, there’s the returns and […] the rewards stuff,” sophomore Kalleigh Hodges said.


The first place to start when it comes to jobs is applications, which can look different depending on where you go. There are helpful tips to know when you’re starting out the job hunt.


“Just get any of those in your area and apply and they usually have a career page on their website and that’ll help you get started,” Hodges said.



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