The First Time Voting Experience

by | Gianna DiPasquale



Voting is an essential part of democracy and the fundamentals of this society. Schools closed on Nov. 7, 2023, so people could go out and vote on the 14 propositions regarding certain practices throughout Texas. It wasn’t just adults at the voting polls though. Students also took the free day as an opportunity to vote for the first time.


“I voted for the first time at my old elementary school so it was a full circle moment for me,” senior Bella Brookover said.


Of the 14 propositions on the ballot, 13 were passed based on the statistics from San Antonio. The ballots ranged from laws for ranching to retirement plans for teachers.


“I learned about the propositions being voted on from my AVID teacher Ms. Beres,” Brookover said. “She informed me on the details of each proposition which helped me a lot in order to know exactly what I was voting for.”


It was shown that only 11% of registered voters participated in the ballots. The decline in voter participation has been noticed but could change with the upcoming generations.


“Although not every citizen is a voter, those who do vote contribute to society by having their voice be heard in the government,” Brookover said.


With new issues being presented in legislation with each election, young people have to be educated and informed on the matters they will potentially vote for when it is their time as an adult.


“I feel it’s important for young people to vote in order to make their voice as a citizen heard and make voting a habit as an adult,” Brookover said.

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