Girls Bowling Is Rolling Into A New Season

by | Salma Cano

Staff Reporter


For the first time at this school, there is a Girl’s Varsity Bowling Team that is gaining recognition. Coach Taryn Deppe created the team of four girls to compete along with the boys team in varsity competitions.   


“It’s been very fulfilling. I grew up in the bowling community so it’s pretty much like pre-elementary for me. So, contributing to the current youth bowling community has been really great,” Deppe said.


Despite the fulfillment that bowling has provided Deppe, there are still some difficulties and extra efforts that a smaller team requires.


“It’s definitely not easy,” Deppe said. “And this year, even though we’ve had a small number of girls join, we’re still doing our best to continue.”


Looking past the smaller number of girls on the team, the girls make up for the quantity with their qualities. There are even advantages to having fewer people at times, such as tighter connections to one another, which can show up in sports performance.


“Although there are four of us and Coach was hoping to get a fifth player, we act so much like sisters that we don’t really need another player, we play around in practice, we talk a lot, and we just get along really well,” sophomore Eva Rivera said.


Overall, there is a positive environment for everyone in bowling. They are all helpful and caring to one another with positive spirits and high hopes for this season.


“I have no doubt that my boys will support my girls and vice versa. So, I’m very lucky in my regard, I know that not every coach has the same experience with their programs, but we put a lot of energy into building a supportive family environment within the program, so everyone knows they have the support from each other and from us,” Deppe said.



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