A Eulogy

By Leo Callanen


I’ve done a lot of reflecting, between now and then. 

And I want to write something that fully encapsulates who I was; 

I want to write a eulogy, for the guy who counted every step 

And lost himself in static to distract himself. 

That guy was no stranger to crying a little in public, 

And mourning himself through the lens of others. 

I want to write a eulogy for the guy that died sometime last May,

Some would say it was a freak accident, his friends would say it was a murder; 

He’d just say he’s dead. 

I thought that I, someone who knew him pretty well,

And likes the same kind of art he did,

But writes scripts better than he ever could,

Should say a few words: 

Between now and then, I am, again,  a different person.