Volume 3

The Bunker Review: Volume 3, Issue 1

After Hours

When the cat’s away, the rats will play.

After Hours captures what happens when no one is looking. It is that window of time between endings and beginnings, full of personal freedom and revelation. Explore underground nightclubs, run down bars, and 3 AM adventures set in a noir-esque landscape. What thrives inside the darkness?

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The Bunker Review: Volume 3, Issue 2


Down the rabbit hole…

Betwixt encapsulates a state of limbo between two things. Here, absurdity becomes ordinary as hidden worlds abound with whimsy and wonder. Immerse yourself in surreal forests and folktales, crystalline lakes, and gardens inspired by Wonderland. What will you find between the cracks?

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(“Mythical Gateway” (2022), Chris Nguyen)