Editors’ Choice – Subaqueous

Presenting NESA Creative Writing’s latest work: Subaqueous

Subaqueous engulfs the reader in a magnificent world of oceanic wonders and hidden treasures. Swim through luminous reefs alongside schools of fish, kick back and relax on sandy shores, and make unexpected friendships in  watery depths. Do you believe the ocean is blissful—- an enchanting land of solitude and mystery— or do you fear what lurks in the abyss below? Either way, take the plunge and find out.

Read Subaqueous here: Subaqueous: Volume 4, Issue 2

Artwork: Autumn Howard, The Stairs. Mixed media, 2023


Editors’ Choice

Congratulations to Arami Garcia, whose piece Finding Land was selected as the Editors’ Choice for Subaqueous.

This piece tells the story of a child in a world where the ocean has overtaken the land. It was chosen for its immersive worldbuilding and striking message. Arami’s protagonist belongs to a small west-bound village whose members have spent their entire lives traveling by boat. But when the villagers discover land for the first time, joy and disbelief overwhelm them. Arami writes poignantly of these last vestiges of civilization yet to be devoured by the waves, reminding the reader how beautiful the land we take for granted truly is.

“We had found the remnants of a world so old it was new.” -Arami Garcia

Read Arami’s piece here: Finding Land

Special shoutout to Maya Trest, whose outstanding acrylic paint artwork, A Humble Fisherman (2023), was chosen to accompany Arami’s work. We believe the idyllic scene and emphasis on the expansive waterbody around the figure match the tone of the piece. Congratulations to you both!


What is the Editors’ Choice?

The 2023-2024 Bunker Review Staff defines the Editors’ Choice as the piece we believe stands out from the rest of the submissions. This piece demonstrates excellent craft, depth, and originality, as well as takes a unique approach to the theme. Submissions are closely reviewed for this recognition. Out of all the submissions received, we award only one Editors’ Choice in each issue.

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