By Audrey Carter

Samaria Hoskie’s Confession


you      tasted 

like       dry        aged wine


But now your form takes on 

An        astringent       flavour 


an acidic 

           convoluted argument 

within              crimson 

a sarcastic sneer 

created out of arrogance


Smeared on your         violet stained 

lips       like       lipstick          did 

on his martini glass


like grapes            staining             your white dress

did you flirt with jealousy 

in a      green            haze?

did the olive’s 

savoury lips leave you


for the loyalty your drunkenness destroyed?


you mock 

the taste of         cheap liquor

claim                   to be expensive 

but your words 

are far from cherry wine


as I caress

my own          skin

in reminiscence of yours I



I no longer savor alcohol

and your lips were bitter

Never sweet.