Crimson Lust

       Miyoko peeked from around the corner, holding a small dagger in her hand. She watched a man with blood red hair pull out a knife, dodging attacks from two men that were guarding a building.

       She blinked, and the two men dropped to the ground, thick crimson flooding out of them. 

       Goodness, he’s so fast… I didn’t even see him kill them.

       A scream pulled Miyoko out of her thoughts, and she watched as the man ran inside the building.

       When he was gone, Miyoko pressed her back against the wall, feeling her cheeks heat up. There were practically hearts in her eyes.

       She was going to make him hers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


       Miyoko had come to find out that his name was Zuka Hakai, going by the alias Damien. She had spent all night looking up everything there was to know about him, his crimes, and whatever else she could find. She knew that he had three friends when he was younger, one of them being the villain named Ambrose, and the vigilante named Medias. The other was unknown. 

       “Why are you so obsessed with him?” Her older brother asked her.

       “Because I love him. Don’t you love someone?” She had answered simply.

       “We’re wanted people, Miyoko. We don’t have time to love people.”

       “You’re wrong, Mizu. I love Zuka, and I’ll get him to love me back.”

       “You’re crazy.” He crosses his arms and rolls his eyes.
       “Maybe. But so are you. Crazy runs in our family.”

       She needs him in every way possible. As a friend. As a lover. Soulmates. Doesn’t matter. She just needs him. He is her everything.


       The way his muscles rippled when he drove his knife into not only Miyoko’s heart, but into the hearts of his opponents. 

       His striking blood red eyes.

       The way he fights like he trained his entire life. 

       His smirk when he watches the bodies drop to the ground.

       The almost predatory look in his eyes when he finds his next victim.

       Almost always, after he leaves, Miyoko kneels down next to the bodies and runs her hand over the wounds he makes, surprise coursing through her every time. But her surprise is quickly replaced by attraction. Her entire body shakes as she smiles. She holds her face in her hands, her tail twitching with such delight.

       The spell he had her under!

       Miyoko didn’t know what it was. He was just so… electrifying

       And for him, she would kill anyone who got in her way.