Director Auditions

You will be asked to direct an AB scene with two actors of our choosing just to get a feel for what you are about. Then we will have a brief interview on why you would like to direct and which show you are interested in. The title of the show and their log lines are posted on our website. Once we decide if you are fit to do the job we will send you the script of your choosing and have you come back for the actor auditions to bid on which actors you wish to have for your show. You will cast and make a schedule for your particular show. AB scenes are below.


1st AB Scene

A: Hey
B: Hey
A: Do you know about?
B: Yeah
A: And you think?
B: Yeah
A: Ok
B: Look do you have another way
A: I don’t think so
B: Me neither
A: So you think
B: Yeah, I do
A: So, how should we do this
B: I’m not sure
A: Me either
B: Let me think for a minute. We could
A: Really
B: Really



2nd AB Scene

A: Nice
B: Thanks
A: No, really, nice
B: I know
A: Have you ever thought about
B: No
A: Well you should
B: Really
A: Yeah
B: But what if
A: Oh, yeah
B: Yeah
A: Well, it’s something to think about
B: Of course I will
A: Well I have to go
B: Really
A: Yeah, really
B: So long
A: Bye Bye