Drive Away

Madison Goodin, In The Eye of the Beholder. Watercolor, 2023.


By Esteban Mielnik


In our youth we were told to sing

Let whatever’s out there listen and judge

Brothers in arms, Brothers by God

Destined by the narrative to plead for a deity’s mercy


Don’t cry, they’re gonna hear you


Over and over the banging on the door

And the thrashing from the man above

In your eyes

In my head I can feel it

Please don’t cry, they’re gonna hear you


Stuck up on these hills

While I’m stuck up on these pillars of concrete and sugar glass

Why can’t we see the stars out here

I wish we could see the stars


Drive Away

Let the road take us away

If only we could Drive Away


Let the street lights turn to stars

Let the stars paint white lines and pave a way

Take us anywhere else

Drive Away, Anywhere but here

Get Away


If you know if I’ll ever get to hear my name from your mouth

Please let me know

I hope I get to see your name

I want to be there to know


Do you think they’ll ever stop to think

About whatever kids used to live here before

They won’t remember that we’re gone

Get Away