“Maurice, I’ll Tell You What She Said to Me:”

By: Marissa Bazan








We should go out dancing

To forget the nagging, insuffurbality 

Of change. 

I dropped my vase this morning, 

and it cracked like an egg. 

I’d like to describe my naivety 

As supple, nectar youth

But I am getting too old for that excuse. 

I tried to glue the pieces of the vase back together.


I had to go the store, 

To get a new one, 

and on the car ride

The radio played an old man singing. 

Croaky and tired, 

I was convinced he was a toad. 

I listened to him the whole way. 

His heavy R’s and sharpened S

Made me think of the sour acid 

My mother used to sweep the floors, 

Just to feel clean. 

I’m afraid I will never feel clean, 

There will always be embryo residue on my fingertips,

Sticky guilt stuck in my throat, 

And ceramic in my foot. 



I never got a vase. 


We should go out dancing tonight.



Art Piece by Chanel Workman