Rhythm of the Day

By Catherine Day


Art by Renee Siptak


What’s the way to describe that feeling

That reeling, when you’re walking along a street, and from somewhere, 

Up floats the sound of music

Do ray me so fa la te go

You think–chase that sound down, 

Downtown, ride the subway of the soundwaves, 

Pay for your ticket, in the clink of the coins in the turnstile, hear the brass, 

Pass through those club doors, 

Pour yourself a glass of the sensations.

Sophistication is a far cry from this joint. 

Point out the fact that here, 

Beer or scotch, 

All is smokey, 

Halls all golden. 

A seat at the bar, a seat at the center table–

It doesn’t matter for, 

Here, every seat is the best seat in the house, 

Here, all is jazz.