Spencer’s Reeds

By Stephan Mielnik


Young Kid.

Have you not heard that story of old man Spencer?

How he worked on that lake of his daily?

So so so funny the time he wasted

Sad old man with his silly hobbies, silly life

“Silly Spencer’s Reeds.”


With a family so untrustworthy

So unhealthy

The family Creed’s Weeds

Let’s gather round

Gather together hand in hand

Arm in arm          fist clenched with fist

Let’s tell this kid what he needs

What he wants

Let’s destroy his plants his garden


Let’s destroy “Spencer’s reeds”


Let’s stomp stomp stomp them down

His parents won’t care           they agree

So no need to hide the 

Broken seeds


Silly                     Silly                     Silly 

Young foolish boy so easily swayed

                So easily convinced 

          Friends are coming his way


Silly boy, Small boy, Sammy Creed


Oh Spencer Creed

What beautiful things you’ve grown 

You know I know I thing or two about reeds

Let me help you

We townsfolk are friendly


Here sir here, take my keys

To my secret garden

With my secret weeds

In need of a slicing

Or two

Or Three


Sammy Creed Sammy Creed

“Reed boy Reed boy”

With his naivety and stupid seeds

                         Break   him   down   break   him   down

Break him down, 


Beat down every last one of 


Spencer’s Weed’s