Stray kids

By Arami


Time             slows to a stop

Once    twilight        falls away

The dark things slowly come over

And everything             gives way

To          the          Stray Kids


                                             And the stray dogs

Who     are one        in the same


With a little more       freedom

To be    a little less      tame.


The skyline  t













And I   have to make    sense    of it all

             The darkness    enfolds

All the secrets                it holds

It’s just                                                       you and me,

And that’s worth more than gold


So we’re here, waiting for 

the world to                   break

There’s just                   you and me, 

and we’re young, 

after all

The seasons     change, 

but the  n i g h t  stays the same

Everything will be fine 

until it all eventually falls

So        stay       with me,

And no surprises please

It’s just              you and me 

Dancing             in the dark,

Only us for as far 

as we 

can see

Even if you could         run away,

Tell me that                   you 

would want to              stay

Tell me that even if you could go,

You’d stay with me in the n i g h t

Because as much as I’d like,

I could never follow you 

                   into the light


The taste of      disaster

Weighs down heavy        on my tongue

But I’m a dumb             aesthete

And call it          poetry


And we’re still just Stray Kids, 


Stuck in this world

Pretending that we’re having fun

Just Strays,

And just Kids,

Too young for much at all

Pretending that there’s still     magic

And     life     and     love

And maybe there is,

If we imagine hard enough

If we ignore the          dark

That       seeps

Into our already  b l a c k e n e d         hearts

And we pretend

That the Moon              shines just as bright

As the   sun,

Then maybe we can see the beauty of life

Life is beautiful

And we’ll see that, someday

Someday soon

We have to