Telepathic Dreaming

by Tanielle Dlamini


Someday, I’ll relive this story


I know that she kissed him.

The soft collision beneath the lamplight.

Her hands in his hair,

His on her skin.

Lord knows where they traveled,

How far it got.


In this nightmare-ish state, 

I am to be nothing but a bystander

Watching this unholy union.


Every dream became hell from beyond


I know that she’ll change,

Just as all people do,

We change.

But she can’t go back.


She was so innocent

And naive.

He was just a monster.


I’ve dreamed of killing him.

Carve him into something new,

Open him up


To find an even worse monster.


I can’t kill him, but still, I’ve dreamed.


I tried to warn her.


It was just so predictable


I know they’ll crash.

Him with an emotionless expression,

Her with screams and wails.


The explosion

Beautiful red, orange, and yellow.

Subconscious colors pop like fireworks.

A silent celebration?


I can do nothing but watch,

Maybe record.

But calling for help

Isn’t my job.


Reused lines don’t make me cry


I knew that I would be alone,

Left to die.


A stained white blanket 

Is all you leave me.

“He says you’re not good for me.” 

I hope you sleep better without me.


Never forget me 


It’s happened before

Why not once more?


Try something original