The Horror of Cheese World

By Vonn Frey


Of all the worlds the one whose end by far the most I fear.

Is that of cheesy Havarti Gruyere. A fine place that was much like here.

That is except for how everything far and near was made of cheese. A golden sphere.


A hot alfredo ocean, Wight burrata grown, and a Shredded Provolone sky.

By this principle all life was born and would die. 

Cheese birds, cheese grass, cheese bugs, cheese man. Creatures were in no short supply.


It was of this cheese they drank, and of this cheese they ate.

And due to this some gained a hunger they could not satiate.

This fatal flaw would be their fate.


Most ate the normal cheese foods but some found that they could eat everything and everyone.

A nibble at one’s finger nail, then flakes of skin, maybe a wall is how this taste begun.

When they began eating others, society came undone.


The mountains and buildings, like termites through they dug.

The sea was a giant soup to chung.

And all living things were out of luck.


When most of life and the plant were consumed.

That’s when the last cannibals were doomed.

For in the final search for food they inflicted upon themselves a fatal wound.