Veteran of the Dark

By Brianna Byars


Alice in wonderland,

Deeper and deeper she goes.

The faces of humanity contort

As the lights begin to turn dark.

Alice you must watch out,

Because they are their true selves when the lights go out.

In the blinding neon lights you venture,

Your true colors shining through,

As your day time facade begins to fade. 

Alice in wonderland,

All alone,

When she knows she’s supposed to be home.

“Be careful Alice” 

Her mother warned,

A scared veteran of the dark. 

Will Alice listen?

We shall never know,

As she gets lost in the shining streets.

Smoke filling her lungs,

Burning liquids setting her throat aflame,

As Alice continues to get lost in wonderland.

Strobe lights blind, 

And Mad Hatters offer things that she’s never seen before.

But Alice continues to chase a white rabbit farther into the dark.

Alice in wonderland,

Oh when will you learn?

Don’t go following rabbits into the dark.

For on the other side,

Are many monsters you are not ready to face.

 But we are here,

And you are there. 

Lost in the dark, 

We will never hear from you again.

My dear lost little Alice,

Trapped within this Wonderland.