By Elizabeth Baseley

The Wind-A-Go is a giant floating eyeball that will blow out your candle if you enter its forest.


It’s been a while

Since you lasted towed the line

Of your mother’s patience,

And my domain.

Come now child,

Take a step closer.

         You’re right.

             It’s just trees.

   No one will hurt you.


Burn your promise,

Give in to your 

Integrated rebellion 


Teenage assuredness

Enter my world

For the last time

Enter my

Perverted game of “where’s Waldo” 


Peer through the foliage,

Give me a chance to move closer to 

your flame, 

Once bright,

Hasn’t paid its dues child,

Don’t you feel like you’re grasping at air?

Feel the burn of wax against your shaking skin,

Your bloodied candle lights the way—

Not to salvation—

To me.



Stray off the path 


Go looking for the creature you can’t see,


Don’t go looking for me

And I

Won’t go looking

For you

 Was by Dani C.