by Lauren Holzmann | staff writer

As the school year winding down, the class of 2015 is getting ready for their ‘senior traditions.’ Aside from graduation, each year the senior class comes up with little side games and ‘pranks’ to keep the remainder of the year entertaining.

This year the biggest game the seniors put on is a game called ‘JHS Assassin.’ This tradition is a game where seniors fight to the death and stalk their targets until they shoot them with a water gun.

“I think it’s a really fun thing,” senior Clarisa Cabello said. “I didn’t sign up for it because honestly, I don’t need that extra stress hanging over my head.”

 However, not officially being a part of the game doesn’t mean seniors can’t get in on the fun.

 “I know a lot actually. I’ve kind of made myself an informant,” Cabello said. “I try to figure out who has who in assassin. I am basically just helping my friends who are part of assassin so that they can be able to get their targets more efficiently.”

 Then, there is senior skip day. This usually happens the Monday after prom, where all of the seniors plan to skip school and either stay home or go on a mini vacation.

 “I think the biggest one I always expect is senior skip day,” junior Elena Hoffman said. “Especially the one after prom, [there is always that] class that has a lot of seniors in it, and so many of them were not there.”

 Along with all of the other traditions, seniors plan ways to get their class put in the record book by coming up with the best prank.

 “I’ve heard of people planning senior pranks, but mostly as jokes and stuff. I really don’t think that they would actually follow through with them,” Cabello said.

 Many seniors wait until the last couple days of school to commit what they think is the ultimate  prank and if they are lucky, it will come as a surprise.

 “Honestly, I have talked to people and I think planting bluebonnets on the football field would be the best idea ever because it’s illegal in Texas to mow bluebonnets,” Cabello said. “So… you have a whole bunch of bluebonnets on the football field and you can’t take them down.”

 While most of the ideas for the best senior pranks are shot down by a group there are always a few that seem to pass the test.

“ I just think that’d be hard to plant them so it’s a nice idea for now,” Cabello said.

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Lauren Holzmann is a senior at Johnson High School and is a second year writer for MyJagNews. She is currently the Arts and Entertainment editor. She is also involved in orchestra where she holds an officer position as well as a member in the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Friends Club and is a peer tutor for the special needs students. When she isn't working, Lauren is usually hanging out with friends or binge watching multiple shows simultaneously on Netflix. She is also perfectly capable of remembering every Parks and Recreation episode ever made and wishes she was able to try waffles from JJ's Diner. She has 3 dogs, each more stubborn than the next and a younger sister with whom she shares her birthday.

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