Tennis slams the competition at district

Hunter Grona | Sports Writer

Senior Jimmy Colborn anticipates the next swing as he helps Johnson reign in victory.

After wrapping up their district tournament Monday and Tuesday, the Johnson tennis team came out with an impressive showing. From singles to doubles, the team flexed their muscles against the best teams district 26-5A has to offer.

“We faired well Monday and Tuesday, our hard work payed off. It was exciting to play well in the District tournament,” sophomore Duncan Ploetz said.

Their preparation and hard work on the court have resulted in a successful District tournament.

“I drink lots of water, warm- up, and stretch before I play a match. I also study my opponents, learn their strengths and weaknesses so I can exploit their weaknesses during the match,” Ploetz said.

After a showing of this caliber, the Jags have high expectations for the rest of the season and seasons to come. Goals and aspirations are now sky-high and the Johnson tennis team will do whatever it takes to live up to their expectations and improve their game for next season.

“ Our expectations are always to win, especially the district tournament. We can improve on our focus towards winning, and focus not just improving ourselves, but cheering on our teammates, and keeping morale high. Our goal for next season is to succeed in districts once again,” Ploetz said.


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