Zero Dark Thirty’s story of a decade at war

by Sumner Strickland| Staff writer

If there is going to be another movie this year that stirs up as much controversial topics as Django it will be “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Zero Dark Thirty is filled with intense scenes and based on “history’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man,” Osama bin Laden.

Set nine years before the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the story follows Maya- a fantastic Jessica Chastain who plays a CIA agent destine on finding the mass murderer who caused one of the greatest disasters in American history.

The film is very faithful to the true information, which isn’t always a good thing but in this circumstance it fits. The pacing is great- they don’t waste their time on things we already know to be dead end instead they build the suspense through torture and giving us information we didn’t really have a good grasp of before hand. Jessica Chastain is very impressive as usual and truthfully, besides for the last twenty-five minutes, she is the movie. Now the torture scenes have been widely discussed, as being controversial for controversial sake but it’s really just an honest portrayal of what this time was really like.

The few contrivances I have about the film are the supporting cast is shallow, there isn’t much depth to any of them and towards the end the 160 minute run time does wear on you but other that this is about as good as it gets in movie theaters nowadays.

But when things pick up at the end they pick up fast and without mercy. Forcing you to watch and question things as if you were a living breathing audience instead of an open cash register.

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