Stylish ways to beat the heat

Alexa Rosas|staff writer

Finally, it’s time to ditch those bulky Uggs and those thick cable knits and dress yourself in vibrant neons, bold patterns, and light, breezy summer styles.

This summer, expect to see a lot of high waisted pieces, such as: shorts and bathing suits. These 80’s inspired shorts range from denim cut-offs to bold, bright patterns. Either way, they pair nicely with the ever-popular flowy summertime shirts.

This spunky and fun bathing suit is a new trend for this upcoming summer!

High waisted bathing suits may be a throwback to the 1940’s, but they are anything but old-fashioned. With bold prints and bright-even neon-colors, these suits are bound to appeal to young girls.

Maxi skirts have been in and out of the fashion scene for ages, but they have taken a turn for the better. This summer maxis will be seen, but in vivid neons and with pleats.

Lace has been plaguing student wardrobes all year, but when summer hits it will be time to switch it up a bit. Mixing that overdone lace with some thick, floral crochet will create that boho style that has become so coveted.

What is better to wear in summer than a cute dress. Short sundresses are always a summertime staple, but this year, expect them to be looser and flowy-er than in the past. When trying to imagine popular prints, think bold geometric shapes, bright big flowers, and African inspired patterns and finally, lots and lots of neon.

Summer is awaited eagerly all year long and always ends abruptly, and painfully;therefore, this year is the year to appreciate it. Make a statement with these summer trends and leave people wallowing in their own jealousy.

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