Is the juice worth the pain?

Lexi Rosas | editor-in-chief

Juicing. It’s all the rage this season. With a national focus moving towards health, juicing is an easy way to sell natural, organic or just plain healthy products.

So, I decide to try out a juice cleanse. If you didn’t know, there’s a place in Stone Oak that specializes in juice cleansing – Farm to Juice.  Located in the center next to K. Charles and Corner Bakery, they offer a variety of fresh squeezed juices from disgustingly healthy to deliciously fruity.

I forked over $90 for three days worth of a cleanse that included 12 juices, three shots and basic instructions.  How hard could it be?

Day one: Out of the four daily allotted juices, I could only get through two and each time I attempted to take a sip from the third my gag reflex was set on a spree. But then let us add that to the cravings. Everything I saw I wanted and I actually could not keep my mind from wandering to more savory topics that juice. It was as though each time my stomach would growl, my brain would invision pizza and coffee. Finally, there were the detox symptoms. I am a coffee addict and day one put me through the wringer. A quote from my personal journal: “I have had a pounding headache all day and fell asleep twice at school. Looking at the juice makes me gag. I hate what’s happening.”

juice cleanse
Senior Claire Carter followed in my footsteps when she attempts a juice cleanse on the week of Prom. It was a horrifying three days.

Day two: Day two was an interesting mixture of emotion. On one hand, I felt as though I was trapped at the bottom of a well so deep that I could neither see light at the top and I could also feel Hell’s flames beneath the ground. But on the other hand, I was so refreshed from my ten hours of pure sleep the night before that life felt worth living (though I did dream of juice that night) and I didn’t even mind that I had to get up before my alarm sounded to pee for three straight minutes. Another plus was that my skin was glowing – it was the perfect day to skip makeup and steal a couple more minutes of sleep. The rest of the day went by silently as I attempted to avoid all human interaction and lusted after any and all food stuffs.

Day three: On this day, there was hope. I could almost hear the faint playing of trumpets in the distance, because in twenty four hours there would be a solid, warm, and filling meal.

“Energy is running low…today I asked my boss to stick me in the stock room so that I could mope, frown, sigh, and whine to my heart’s content.”

At the end of this seemingly endless three day feat, I felt cleaner and more pure. Would I ever do this again? Never. Yes, I feel  as though I gained an edge and tested my comfort zone and will power. I also understand better than ever that there are more sensical ways to cleanse.


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