A star dies: newest iteration not for everyone

“A Star is Born” a classic movie that has been remade so many times we have seem to lost count. The director, Bradley Cooper also acts as the main character in the film, which only adds to the uniqueness of this movie. Not only does this movie have a killer soundtrack, but amazing actors.

The two leads, Lady Gaga (Ally)  and Bradley Cooper (Jackson), start off having two separate lives that one day overlap at a bar. From then on, they become inseparable. Ally begins to reach the peak in her music career, which is followed by her husband’s death. Jackson’s death differed from the other movie remakes in that he did not overdose but instead hung himself, which was very graphic and intimate for the audience. I would warn audiences that this particular scene can trigger emotions or bring up past issues.

Not only did we not get the “happy ending” we had all hoped for, but we left the movie theatre in a mess. Overall, the movie was good, but due to the death of the main character, Jackson, my heart was so broken I’m not sure I would recommend this movie to a friend.


My rating: C

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