Swords and dice: tabletop games still a draw

by Jeremy Reyes|staff writer

Tabletop RPG’s are the epitome of geekdom.

Many hours of the day are spent rolling dice, dungeon delving, and having a good time with your group of friends. I myself, am someone who spends many weekends playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends either in real life or through a website called Roll20. These types of games are an excellent chance to become someone you’re not. Shoutout to my Hobgoblin Ranger who has slew many a foe with his bow. Here are some tabletop RPGs that you would probably enjoy playing.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons, otherwise known as D&D, is the most influential tabletop RPGs of all time. Created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson all the way back in 1974, both of them could not have imagined the legacy they would leave behind. D&D is played using a twenty-sided dice, character figures, character sheets, a grid map and a lot of other items that can seem intimidating to a new player. The game is currently in its fifth edition. The best one in my opinion is 3.5e. In D&D you can be anyone from anywhere, play as an Elf Ranger, Tiefling Sorcerer, Half elf Bard, and so many more combinations. You can even play something as silly a Halfling Barbarian-the possibilities are endless. I’ve played D&D for over a year now and I have innumerable stories ranging from epic to hilarious. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in Tabletop RPGs.


In a dystopic future, mega corporations run almost every facet of the world. At the same time, magic has violently returned to the world turning a lot of people into elves, orks, dwarves and other such fantasy creatures. In this dark and dreary world of corporations and cybernetics, criminals known as “Shadowrunners” are employed by corporations to commit crimes such as: corporate espionage, assassinations, and the transportation of less than legal substances. Officially, Shadowrunners don’t exist and are therefore expendable. You have to play carefully or one good shot from an enemy will make you see your god faster than you expected. Though this game is set in the future it mirrors our society with things such as corporations gaining more and more power. I heard this one was kind of difficult to play but it looks really fun.


After the disaster that was D&D fourth edition, a game made through the Open Game Licence was created. This game was known as Pathfinder. Pathfinder held on to the good old ways of D&D third edition but it also came out with its own rules and ways to play. The game has its own unique artwork as well as a fully fleshed out world. Just like in D&D, Pathfinder is played using the D20 system; it also has its own rulebook detailing how to play. I’ve never played Pathfinder or read the rulebooks, but I would be interested in playing it just to see how it’s like. Plus the Grey Maidens, an all-female bodyguard unit looks really cool so that’s an automatic plus.


Have you found all of the paths? Why not look to the sky and go find some stars? From the company that brought you Pathfinder comes the sci-fi epic known as Starfinder. This game still uses traditional fantasy races and all the combat and magic that your adventurous heart desires. You can also fight in spaceships which seems absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I’ve heard even less about this game than I did Pathfinder, so I don’t really know.

7th Sea

With a description that describes 7th sea as a game of “Swashbuckling and Sorcery,” you know that you are going to get something good. This game is set in a world that resembles old Europe but each country is an exaggerated version of themselves. Even though I’ve never heard of this game until recently, I’m going to guess that most of this game takes place in either the sea or in coastal cities based on the name, and it wouldn’t make any sense for it to be set anywhere else.



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