Artists takeover social media with spooky creations

Lauren Loveless | staff writer

With a pencil in hand and a crease on her brow, senior Jessica Keen focuses intently as she sketches out her end product for day one of Inktober. Upon finishing, Keen posts her artwork online and joins a creative community of artists who share her passion.

“Inktober brings the art community together by allowing everyone to create artwork from the same prompts, but [with] results [that] are wildly different,” Keen said.

Inktober is an opportunity for artists to get creative with their work and share their art around the world through social media. Platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram feature the most artwork, which can be found under the tag “#Inktober2018”.

“Basically, Inktober is a challenge to practice creating artwork with only ink. You follow the prompts for each day throughout the month of October,” Keen said.

The prompts for the days are all one word, which challenges artists to think outside of the box and express their individualistic style.

“Another thing to note is that there are many other prompt lists created by other artists, different from the official Inktober prompt list,” Keen said, “For example, I am following a variant list titled Monstertober, where each prompt is a type of monster/creature I have to draw.”

The artwork produced from Inktober ranges from frightening to cute to creative. Some artists even like to draw their favorite character from a TV show or anime.


October may be the time for spooky memes and thrilling costumes, but social media provides artists with an opportunity to express their passion, which brings a particular beauty to this frightening month.

“My favorite part of Inktober is being able to see everyone’s artwork. Seeing how different people interpret the same prompt really shows how individuals think,” Keen said.

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