By Eric Martinez | staff writer

Another yearly tradition has started up again; the powder puff game. It has been played by Johnson for the last nine years and still carries on to this day.

“It’s just for fun. It’s just a game between seniors and juniors, senior girls and junior girls. We’ve been doing it for the last nine years now,” teacher Megan Cobb said.

The even will be happening on April 18 at the Johnson football field at five o’clock. Tickets will be sold at the door for two dollars.

“They’ve been fun for all. We got the junior boys acting as cheerleaders and the junior girls acting like football players. And the senior boys  cheering on the senior girls. It’s always been a good time,” Cobb said.

The essence of the game comes from the gender swapped roles, usually resulting in some humorous outcomes.

“It’s pretty funny. You see them (the guys) struggle. They think we are struggling with football but they are struggling just as much cheerleading,” senior Joan Huggins said.

The tradition started in 2010-2011 school year and has carried on since with the seniors winning every single year.

“I think the refs do as much as they can to make it fair, but sometimes leaning towards the seniors,” Huggins said.

Every year people don’t just show up to play the game and do the cheerleading, but to also support their fellow students.

“A good amount of people (showed up) last year. I think both of the stands were full,” Huggins said.


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