Community involvement provides ALE students with job experience

Cade is a part of the ALE (Alternative Learning Environment) program in which he, and several other students, participate in what is known as a CBVI, or Community Based Vocational Instruction. In these CBVI’s, ALE students are able to go out into the community, to a designated job site, for several class periods during their school day in an attempt to learn important skills that may assist them in a future job.

College: is it right for everyone?

Not all students chose to go to college once they graduate. Some students chose to pursue other activities, like Arriago, and wait to go to college, either for financial reasons, to join the military or workforce, or for other, more personal, reasons.

Guide to finding the best AP study guide

Most students who plan on taking an AP exam(s) typically purchase a study guide in order to help them review the material they have already learned, and prepare themselves for what may be on the test. However, choosing the right study guide isn't as easy as it sounds, given the number of guides now available to choose from, with each one having its own unique features.

‘Shattered Dreams’ unfolds on campus

On Thursday, February 20, the junior and senior students witnessed an on-campus mock accident, referred to as Shattered Dreams, that demonstrated the very severe consequences of choosing to drink and drive. And with the help of student and parent volunteers, several months of preparation, and military make-up company Army Moulage, this event was designed to seem as realistic as possible.

Students decide to pursue electives in college

While some students may see taking electives as nothing more than a requirement, others are able to discover what they are passionate about through these classes, and decide that they are going to continue with these electives, for example theater arts, art, etc, in college.

Students take ROTC to a new level

The JROTC Rifle team is an optional opportunity for students, regardless of whether or not they are involved in JROTC, to be able to shoot different types of rifle guns at multiple targets in order to earn points in competitions that actually contribute toward our school.