Model UN prepares for upcoming MUNSA conference

Model United Nations is an extracurricular class in which students of all grades have the opportunity to engage in competitions, known as conferences, where they simulate the actions of the real United Nations. Students are first assigned a country to represent, and are then given a certain amount of time to prepare for the conferences by researching their country's position on a variety of topics.
Photo courtesy of Maria Bryk and the Newseum Institute

From SA to DC – how the Free Spirit conference changed my life

Thursday, April 9, 2015. It was just like any other day in my eighth period U.S. History class. It was towards the end of the year, so some of my classes had consisted of watching documentaries and taking notes. One minute I’m sitting there watching a video, and the next minute I’m having a mini heart attack as I skim through my emails on my phone. Seeing “WINNER” in the subject line made me want to scream with indescribable joy, knowing that I was about to embark on a truly incredible experience.
Kathleen Vasquez, math teacher

Hitting the 3,000 mark: more teachers now on campus

With a subject line reading, “Possible Schedule Changes Needed”, principal John Mehlbrech sent an email on September 16 informing parents that the school now has over 3,000 students, “making it the largest student body Johnson has ever had to work with.” As a result, one math teacher began teaching on Monday, September 21 as well as a new English teacher.
NEISD Dress code policy

Fashion faux pas: the do’s and don’t’s of dress code

Well, it's that time of year again. The time when every student seems to be in a perpetual state of exhaustion, often times a cross between senioritis and a desperate anticipation for summer. With this mentality, it is common for students to be more relaxed about the clothes they choose to wear to school, often times just throwing on whatever seems convenient. Below you can find a list of some of the common choices of attire that some students chose to wear, all of which violate the NEISD dress code policy.
Attendance policy

Grades and absences may prevent graduation for some

With a subject line simply stating “Seniors Not Graduating”, an email was sent out on Friday, April 17 in which Mehlbrech reminded seniors that in order to receive a high school diploma, students must uphold a 90% attendance rate according to Texas' Compulsory Attendance Law. In addition, Mehlbrech also requested parent’s help in order to have as many seniors as possible graduate this year.

Dropping at semester eliminates sections of AP government

With the fall semester drawing to a close, the second semester provides students with the opportunity to adjust their schedule if they would like. Whether it’s changing to a different extracurricular, dropping an AP class, or registering to take a course online, there are various schedule changes that could potentially be made. However, this particular semester seemed to give rise to several students wanting to drop the same AP class at the same time- with not enough classes to accommodate these students.