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Quadrotors! What are these marvelous machines? These machines, in 10 years, maybe bringing us drinks, guarding us from strangers, or bringing us packages from far away via UPS or FedEx!

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The New Fighter: The F-35B

Many of you in 8th grade Rocketry have heard about the new F-35B, The US’s new stealth Fighter/Attacker!

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Bionic Contact Lenses

A new way to read your e-mail and text messages without your phone is on the way!

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Congress Censoring Internet

Have you been to the Google website lately? Or maybe the Wikipedia website? Well when you go to the Google website there is a big black block covering every letter of the Google logo. the only thing showing is the loop to the lowercase “g”. If you hover your mouse over it it will say, […]

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U.S. Satellite coming down early

Parts of a giant U.S. satellite are to plummet to Earth around September 23, a day earlier than what was expected. The Scientific American reports that the object the size of a small bus is set to plunge to Earth somewhere between Thursday and Saturday. The chances of the satellite hitting someone is approximately 3200 – 1 . These chances […]

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Unusual, Unique News

A young, four month old baby is now missing seven fingers. The baby was in critical condition after a the family’s ferret ate seven of the baby’s fingers. The parents are now under investigation for neglect.

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