Do Your Part For Spartacus And His Followers: Donate Blood

Andy Whitfield, 39, died Sunday after a sudden relapse of his Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, better crediting the need to research and help the cancer field. After clearing the disease of his system, and having good health in July, the welsh man from “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” was traumatically diagnosed with a worse and more violent cancer than before. Donating blood in your community has its strong significance; cancer victims account for the largest groups in need of blood for operation. Every two seconds a patient needs a blood transfusion, as reported by the American Red Cross. Your next opportunity to give to the Heart Foundation is this Thursday and Friday, Sep. 15/16, behind MacArthur.

photo by Zach Royston

Whitfield’s eighteen cancerous months show how little we know of treating the disease. As a testament to others in his condition, the man lived a gentle and beloved life before inducing his pain. Anyone can contribute to health science. By donating blood in school or at church in the community, you share the same concern for these sick people.

Teachers and communities have been touched by cancer, as well as all of the families who lose loved ones daily. There is only hope for friends. We remember the men like Andy Whitfield only by their grace, and by what they brought to the table. He was strong, like a gladiator, only giving way to what he could not control.

Andy Whitfield photo from

The bottom line, close relatives get sick, as do friends. Fallacies of stress can be followed by good intention. Sudden crisis’s of the new year surround us; legendary death, even the brush fires on a day of memorial, begin to question selflessness. Generosity can be a good thing. If able, give blood this Thursday and Friday, Sep. 15/16.

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