Stupendous Strings

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Brahmas Shine at Region Orchestra 

Orchestra students participated in the TMEA Region 12 Orchestra auditions November 3, 2012. The following Students made the Region 12 Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras.

Symphony-  Violins: Sarah Knapp, Jovan Pittman, Farry Seddighzadeh, Gaby Rice, Frank DiRosa, Patrick Gibbens, Adam Giles, Ashley Aytes, Austin Moore

Violas: Johnny Shiao, Jackie Loera, Carlos Quiroz

Cellos: Drew Bauml, George McQuade, Jacob Martinez

Philharmonic-   Violins: Hannah Rose, Jun Valles, Samantha Ayala, Ethan Alvarado, Clarissa Cupit, Mary Martinez, Michelle Navarro, Kimberly Collins, Sarah Yebra, Victoria Day, Dominic Dorsa, Kevin Garcia, Whitney Mask

Violas: Jesus Zendejo, Stephan Botts, Brooke Chambers, Bella Garza, Danylle Hernandez, Aiden Cruz

Cellos: Jacob Lambert, Andrea Vigil, Rachel Gornitz, Gabby Alls

Bass: Isaiah Craft

The above students will participate in a concert December 8 at Reagan High School.

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  1. I heard about the region auditions and, wow, I’m impressed, to say the least. Very nice work!

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