How Old is Too Old for Trick or Treating?

It’s spooky season! When you drive through your neighborhood, there are houses covered in spider webs and skeletons out on the lawn. Now that we are getting so close to the day of Halloween, a question has come up for many people. Are you going trick or treating? So far, there are mixed responses. You have some people who already have their costume, makeup, and their favorite pumpkin bucket to collect as much candy as possible. And then you have another group of people who are just going to watch scary movies with friends or help their families hand out candy to kids in their community.

“I usually don’t have time, and if I do have time I help my parents, and I don’t go with my sister,” sophomore Kalleigh Hodges said. “It just kind of gets awkward when you’re an adult and you’re going trick or treating with all the little kids around you.”

There are some people who believe that you are never too old to dress up, get a bunch of candy, then pass out at the end of the night from a sugar crash. Many people are making a whole night out of Halloween.

“I love candy and I want to hang out with my friends since I haven’t seen them in a long time,” junior Erik Ferman-Citalan said. “Age doesn’t matter. As long as you’re dressed up and having fun.”

Even the seniors are mixed on it. Some are staying home, but some are all for it.

“I feel like it’s the same thing with Disney movies,” senior Ean Jaramillo said. “You’re never too old to watch a Disney movie, and that’s the mindset I stick by with Halloween.”


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