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The background information of the secret group.

by Lauren Holzmann|staff writer

With prom season sneaking up on juniors and seniors, there is always the lingering curiosity if anyone bought the same dress as you.  That is no longer a problem at JHS. A group of girls have created a Facebook page where everyone that is in the group can post pictures of their dress so the rest of the group know not to buy that same dress if at all possible.

The reason that no one wants to have the same dress as someone else is because when you find the dress, you think it is so special that if anyone else has the same one, it becomes less special and less unique. Some people feel that if someone else has their dress, it will make their night less special. However, thanks to two seniors, this is no longer one of the many things girls have to worry about.

The idea first came when the two were dress shopping.

“Well we were dress shopping and thinking about who had what dresses and thought it would be a good idea,” senior Rachel Gawlik said.

The page has many uses and purposes and help girls who really need the extra advice.

“[The members of the group] can sell their old dresses on there and get advice about prom,” Gawlik said.

However, the girls decided to make it a secret group so no one could get a sneak peak at the dresses before the big night, unless they were added of course.

“We made it a secret group so that way nobody could see the dresses before prom,” Gawlik said.

Overall, the reaction to the group has had a very positive feel and the anticipation for prom night is quickly rising.

“There’s over 200 members and so many posts. So I think like a lot of people found it beneficial,” senior Taylor Cantu said. “Yes I think [the reaction was] positive.”


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About The Author

Lauren Holzmann is a senior at Johnson High School and is a second year writer for MyJagNews. She is currently the Arts and Entertainment editor. She is also involved in orchestra where she holds an officer position as well as a member in the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Friends Club and is a peer tutor for the special needs students. When she isn't working, Lauren is usually hanging out with friends or binge watching multiple shows simultaneously on Netflix. She is also perfectly capable of remembering every Parks and Recreation episode ever made and wishes she was able to try waffles from JJ's Diner. She has 3 dogs, each more stubborn than the next and a younger sister with whom she shares her birthday.

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