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Pep Reaches Finals

On Feb. 25 pep squad will be at San Marcos for their final competition.

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“It’s nerve racking because finals is close by,” freshman Jasmine Garcia said. “It’s really important to all of us.” 

For some of pep dancers this will be their first time going to competition.

“I have never gone to competition before but I think it will be fun to see and meet other pep dancers,” freshman Ana Ferrante said.

The dancers express their love for dancing and build new friendships and grow as a successful team.

“The best feeling is being with all the girls and just doing what we all love,” Garcia said. 

Some pep squad members have been doing this for a while that they have a special connection with one another.

“The best feeling of being in pep is knowing that you will have a family that you will continue to grow with,” Co-captain London Bridge said.

The love for dance to join in.

I joined dance because my mom was a dancer and I want to follow in her footsteps,” Ferrante said.

To be in finals pep has to give their best performance to the judges to show what they can do also show they all worked hard for what they love to do.

“Our goal for competition is to get the dance perfect and to win 1st place,” Garcia said.

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The Hour Of Code

students decoding a robot. by Hope Herrera

Students decoding a robot by Hope Herrera

On Dec 8, students were introduced to a global movement called Hour of Code for science appreciation week. The Hour of Code is where students make up their own code or try to code a game.

“Exposing students to coding and computer science gives them opportunities they maybe didn’t have before and could be the first step in a future career,” librarian Janelle Schnacker said.

The program has many games and activities to code that can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or even a phone.

“Students use block coding to program games and robots to tell it what to do,” Schnacker said.

One of the activities is coding a robot to move. Obstacles are put into place and the robot has to be coded to go through the maze or whatever the robot was put in.

“I think it went well,” Schnacker said. “Multiple classes participated, as well as 30 students during lunch period.” 

Schnacker thinks that the program was a success for encouraging students to come in and try this global movement, and experience something new.

“It’s all about exposure to computer science and getting people excited about the possibilities,” Schnacker said.

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Take it With You: Theatre Performance

A poster of You Cant Take It With You. by Hope Herrera

A poster of You Can’t Take It With You. by Hope Herrera

Junior varsity drama will perform a play called ” You Can’t Take It With You”. The play will be a romantic comedy about two families.

“We have been working since the middle of September,” freshman Delaney Rayner said. “From that point on we have been working on this play.” 

For many of the drama students this will be their first play in the black box. 

“Many of the JV students and I will be showing how quirky family meeting a corporate family, where we explain how they met up and how they mashed to one family during the great depression,” junior Alexander Patterson said.

The play will take place during the 1930’s when the Great Depression was taking place. During that time there was terrible poverty.

“The performance is in the black box, so the audience will be closer as if their part of the story,” Rayner said. 

The first showing of the performance will be in the auditorium on Dec. 5 from 6 p.m- 7 p.m.

“I think the play will go [well], we have been working very hard on it, we are very excited to show what we have been working on,” Rayner said. 

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Jump For Pop Show

Acutely group singing by Hope Herrera

Acapella group singing by Hope Herrera

Performing popular songs, “Pop Show” was presented by the PFC on Nov.17.

“My favorite performance was Be Still by PFC because it shows so much emotion about when someone has passed and that they are still comforting you,” senior James Syler said.

Having people singing in different pitches and adding new rhythm to a song is how they wanted to show their love for singing.

“We also filmed our performance from Pop Show for a competition that we are in,” Syler said.

Being able to be in competition and share their talent with other people is something that they take very seriously and enjoy every second of it.

“I think Pop Show went very well, we executed everything we were wanting to do and we enjoyed singing for everyone,” Syler said.

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Preseason: Boys Varsity Basketball

Boy's basket ball team practicing Photo by: Janelle Garcia

Boy’s basketball team practicing Photo by Janelle Garcia

A basketball team requires movement and good communication between players. For the team to run smoothly they must have these qualities and keep good thoughts for every game. Boys varsity basketball has their first game on Nov. 15 against Brennan at the Littleton Gym.

“What makes a good basketball player is learning how to be a team player and learning your role on the team, also playing your role,” junior Milton Washington said.

Washington thinks the season is going to start off great; that they’ll be a successful team and have a good advantages for their awesome team members. Senior Mason Williams, his team member, also agrees that the season will start off well.

“This sport is important to me because I’ve been improving to make each shot and each jump count, I want to keep on going on playing till I cannot play anymore but, I hope to make it big one day and be the very best that he can be,” Williams said.

The regular season starts on Dec. 30 at  Littleton gym when they take on the Reagan Rattlers.

“We will be undefeated and go on to play offs, I am sure of it,” Washington said.

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Get To Know Your Brahmas: Q&A With Mrs. Pitman

Mrs. Bianca Pitman is a new art teacher and has been teaching art for 18 years. She also enjoys practicing photography as a hobby.

Mrs.Pitman the new art teacher by Hope Herrera

Mrs. Pitman the new art teacher by Hope Herrera

Q: How do you like MacArthur?

A: I am enjoying my first time so far; I really like the Mac art team that I work with.

Q: Why did you choose this school?

A: Mac is close to home and I know so many of the students here. Since some were my students last year.

Q: What type of animal or animals do you have?

A: I have several dogs including my gorgeous Great Dane, Sir Elliott; I have my best buddy June Bug, who is a Nubian goat we had rescued and raised.

Q: What do you like to do on your free time?

A: I like spending time with my kids, going to see movies, reading books, and playing with my animals.

Q: Where did you teach before you came here?

A: I was at Garner Middle School before MacArthur.

Q: What are some activities you like to do?

A: I really like helping my daughter with her speech and debate stuff. I always love making art, that’s a given.

Q: What’s your favorite sport and why?

A: I like Zorbing because who doesn’t think watching people hurt themselves down a mountainside in a giant inflatable ball is fun.

Q: Whats your idea of fun?

A: When you have a great time and you laugh so hard your stomach hurts; usually when you are just hanging out with friends.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday and why?

A: I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend quality time with family; food is always a great part of that holiday.

Q: What’s one thing you really want?

A: I don’t really know, I don’t long for materialistic things; that’s not important to me. I really really want to grow old comfortably and to have an uneventful tragedy-free rest of my life.

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Don’t Forget Tennis

Tennis players warming up before practice

Tennis players warming up before practice by Hope Herrera

Working on the perfect swing and the perfect hit to make that tennis ball fly to the other side is the goal for every tennis player. For Keely Ussery the sport is very important to her, tennis is her life; she’s been playing the sport since she was little.

“I really like this sport; it’s a lot of fun and we always have to move around,” varsity player Ussery said.

Being active and moving around is Ussery’s type of sport so tennis works great for her. Multitasking is also something the players have to learn.

“We have to keep on our feet and always move around, but I’mnot very good at that,” Ussery said.

When they are in tennis players are constantly moving.

“We learned first hand which is my strongest suit; we also made playoffs,” Ussery said.

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