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Kicking It with Girls Soccer

From www.flickr.com

The girls varsity soccer team will take on the Reagan Rattlers on Feb. 24. The team is hoping that all their hard-work and pain is paying off so far.

“It makes me really happy that the team is like a big group of best friends,” junior Isabella Von Toussaint said. “I enjoy playing with all of the girls.”

The team this year has a lot of new players that are still figuring out their way around the field.

“We still have a shot at play-offs which is great,” Von Toussaint said. “I think we will get there.”

Von Toussaint said the team has only won three games this season out of twenty.

“The clashing personalities of the girls makes it hard at times,” Von Toussaint said. “But we power through even if we don’t win we know we put in our all.”

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Get To Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Natalia Cantu

Natalia is a freshman who is part of the varsity soccer team.

Q. What made you want to join soccer?

A. “I’ve been playing since I was little and I play club.”

Natalia Cantu getting ready to pass the ball. Photo by Eyvounne Cantu

Q. How do you like it so far in high school?

A. “I like it so far, the team is coming along.”

Q. What do you enjoy about playing soccer?

A. “I enjoy how we are able to come together as a team.”

Q. How long do you plan on playing soccer?

A. “I want to play throughout my whole career in college.”

Q. What position do you play, offense or defense?

A. “I play defense left back.”

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JROTC Wreath Placing Ceremony


Wreaths placed on fallen soldier’s graves. From: www.mysanantonio.com

Five students from each JROTC company attend go to place wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers in Fort Sam, on Dec. 17.

“It sounds pretty cool,” Delta member Abigail Slowly said.

Slowly is thankful for everything the military has done for our country. She feels honored to be given the opportunity to attend the ceremony to show her respect.

“I haven’t done it before,” freshman Grace Conger said. “I’ve heard how much honor it brings to the families that see everyone volunteering.”

Conger is looking forward to see everyone come together and give respect to the fallen soldiers as well.

“I’m just nervous about all the emotion that is going to come with the ceremony,” Conger said. “Just seeing everyone come together to watch the wreaths being placed.”

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John Jay Drill Meet Today

The Mighty Blue Angels and Mighty Blue Guard of JROTC will compete today, at John Jay High School.

“You’re always nervous a little bit before the calm,” Commander Jessica Parra said. “Especially as me as a commander you hope the best for these girls.”

The teams go through four phases during the meet, color guard, inspection, regulation, and exhibition.

“We are hoping to achieve the best,” Parra said. “Hopefully the girls have a new experience. They say John Jay is the hardest one.”

Drill Team goes to a different school each month for these events, so far they have been to four this school year.


From sites.google.com/site/macarthurjrotc/home/might-blue-guard

“Since this is my fourth year we have attended, Wagner, Roosevelt, John Jay, Clark, South West, Warren,” Parra said. “We’ve been to so many schools at different times of the year.”

All of the meets have helped Parra because of actual drill sergeants that get in cadet’s faces and yell, getting them ready for the real deal.

“I’m pretty used to it because it’s my fourth year doing competitions like this,” Commander Carina Rodriguez said.

The adrenaline Rodriguez gets before she goes through any of the four phases is what she enjoys the most.

“For my team, I’m trying to set an example,” Rodriguez said.

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Aquatic meet this Saturday

The swim team will compete at Josh Davis Natatorium in the Blossom Athletic Center on Dec. 3.

“It’s not just a school event,” junior, Sasha Marin said. “It’s a meet you have to get time standards for.”


From www.argyll-bute-gov.uk

The students that do not make varsity swim times, but are still great swimmers have the opportunity to attend the meet. It involves students from all over the state, so it isn’t just a district type event.

“I’m nervous,” Marin said. “But this is probably one of me favorite meets of the season, so I’m really excited for it.”

The one thing that makes the meets enjoyable for Marin is the adrenaline that hits her right before she enters the water, and to her once she’s in the water her mind goes blank and she doesn’t overthink much.

“I’m hoping I final in the event,” Marin said. “that way I can get recognition.”

The students are in the South zone with rankings from the lower states in the U.S. The student(s) that gets first place gets to compete against the other first place students from the rest of the states.

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Binge During the Break, but not only on Food

Thanksgiving break is fast approaching, meaning a whole lot of free time on your hands. Netflix and Hulu have several shows and movies you could binge-watch to pass the time.

 On Netflix

Gilmore Girls: A drama centering around the relationship between a thirty something single mother and her teen daughter. Teenage daughter Rory goes to Yale and often visits her mom in Stars Hollow, even though her parents always seem to have something to say about her choice of lifestyle.

Grey’s Anatomy: A drama series that focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle. It stars Meredith Grey, who is the daughter of a famous surgeon but, struggles to keep relationships with her fellow surgeons.


Luke Cage: A Netflix original that is about a wrongly accused man who escaped prison and is given super strength and durability. He then becomes a superhero for hire but, when he tries to rebuild his life, his past always seems to show up somewhere like he knew it would even when he tried to bury it.

On Hulu

Workaholics: This show is an American sitcom about three friends that work together and live together as telemarketers. Adam DeVine is one of the main characters, so if you liked him in Pitch Perfect you’re going to love the show.

Teen Wolf: A teen named Scott McCall was in the woods when he encountered a strange creature and, his life was changed forever. This new season a character who dies in season three comes back somehow, leaving many questions still unanswered as to who brought her back.

In Theaters

fantastic-beastsFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: A secret community of New York witches and wizards who were around 70 years before Harry Potter read his book in school. The movie overall gives a backstory of wizards who were trying to hide from the “no-maj”. Release date is Nov. 18.

Doctor Strange: An action movie about a former neurosurgeon who embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts. The movie came out Nov. 4 and is still in theaters.

Trolls: A movie that falls into the category of fantasy/adventure, about a small village of trolls that gets invaded by an enemy and a small troll named Poppy embarks on a journey to save his friends. DreamWorks released this movie Nov. 4, it is still in theaters.

Moana: A new Disney movie that comes out Nov. 23, about a young girl who travels across the sea to find her hero the Maui to help save her people. Moana and Maui both sail across the open ocean facing monsters along the way.

Arrival: A drama that came out Nov. 11, about a linguistics professor who is recruited by the military to help translate alien languages when spaceships touch down on Earth in 12 different places.

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The annual Mactoberfest and Brahma March occurred on Nov.2, many students went to hang with friends, enjoy the games and see the booths.

Sophomore Ravenne Garcia just moved here from another school and, experienced her first ever Mactoberfest.

“Everything was pretty fun, the sumo [booth] looked really fun,” Garcia said.


Coach Mitcham being taped to the wall. By Nastasha Vallejo

The booth hosted by orchestra was called Jello Wars. The players had to slurp jello as fast as they could without using their hands, the player that won got a prize and their name on the board of round winners.

“I didn’t get to see too many, I really liked the bungee run,” Orchestra teacher Michael Graber said. “I think the orchestra one [was] the best.”

There were many games and snacks to choose from. The Spanish club was selling Mangonadas, and the French club sold chocolate covered strawberries. There was also a booth where coach Mitcham was being taped to the wall.

“It was very fun. It’s fun to see all the students having fun,” Graber said.

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Yearbook Trip to Dallas

The yearbook staff went on a trip to Dallas to get some work done and finish a few things up on Oct 24.

“The yearbook is kind of the blanket of the school,” sophomore Cesar De Leon said. “We see what’s going on around, we know our clubs and organizations, it feels like we know MacArthur.”

To Cesar what made it the most enjoyable was the staff. He has a hobby of photography and said that is what made him really like going on the trip, and being able to put his hobby to good use.

“We learned a lot about the style of the yearbook,” De Leon said, “to be consistent throughout, we’re close to the right now.”

The staff didn’t really get to go around the city; since they were there in the Balfour studio to work on unfinished assignments. He says they learned creative ways to take shots, and the main part of the trip was marketing.


Cesar De Leon, Tatum Owens, Jessica Flores ,and Alex David by Mrs. Cardoza

“We worked on the pages, worked on the designs.” De Leon said, “We didn’t add anything much but, we had recommendations from the people in charge of those pages to take action.”

Cesar recommends maybe taking one trip a semester like that, but not so often that they become irrelevant. But he feels that this trip really helped a lot with getting things completed.

“Everything went smooth on the transportation between here to Dallas,” De Leon said, “The flights there [were] no problem and no delay, so it all went smoothly.”

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Get to Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Angelina Sandoval


Angelina Sandoval by Nastasha Vallejo

Angelina Sandoval is a sophomore, she moved here a little late but she already loves it here.

Q: What is your favorite lunch line?

A: “Honestly, I wouldn’t know because I don’t eat lunch here.”

Q: What are some of your favorite pass times?

A: “Drawing or Photography, I like to draw or take pictures of nature and sometimes people or whatever i think is pretty.”

Q: Do you feel like there is a fair amount of time between the class periods, if not, why?”

A: ” No because sometimes the hallways are so packed, and when you’re short you can’t really figure out a path through the crowd”

Q: Out of all of your music, which type do you prefer to listen to the most, why?

A: “Little mellow indie bands, because they’re just very relaxing and I’m always stressed because of school.”

Q: What recent movie do you recommend watching and why?

A: “Lights Out, because its a horror movie, and most horror movies now aren’t even scary. But Lights Out has many plot twists and its just great!’

Q: What subject is your favorite, and why?

A: “English, because I like to write”

Q: What are your thoughts on the PSAT?

A: “It causes so much more stress, than what is necessary. But I guess it’s a good thing that we are getting this, so we can practice for the actual SAT .”

Q: For students coming to Mac, what extracurricular activities and clubs would you recommend?

A: “I recommend you do the, whatever language you’re in. First off you should join that club because it’s an easy club, you’re already in the class, so you already know what you’ll be doing. Also, typically which ever Art thing you’re doing. Like Art, Theater arts and the rest of those because you already know what you’ll be doing, but it helps to branch out and try different things.”

Q: If you could be anything in the future, what would it be and why?

A: “Photographer or journalist, because I find them to be very appealing options, and I’d rather have a job that makes me  happy instead of a job that makes a lot of money”

Q: What are some goals you hope to achieve by your Senior year?

A: “I want a fantastic GPA, thats what I want. I want to be able to say that I branched out and did all the things I wanted to do.”

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Blair Witch Project: Not so scary?

The movie the Blair Witch takes place in Black Hills Forest, where a young man’s sister goes missing as him and a few of his friends search for her. The movie gives more detail of the Blair Witch story; in 1785, several children in the township of blair accused an irish-born woman of witchcraft named Elly Kedward, she was then convicted and sent into the woods during winter, they say she died from exposure. In the spring, they went to search for her and found no trace of her body. In 1786 half of the town’s’ children vanished, those children were her accusers. The town fled as soon as the news broke due to the fear of the curse and swore on their lives to never say the name Elly Kedward again.


A horror film that was released earlier this month and kicks viewers into the Halloween spirit.  By Blairwitch.com

A couple things in Blair Witch don’t really seem original. The movie The Forest has a similar plot and feel where a young woman’s twin sister goes into the Suicide Forest. The story line could have possibly been written better so, the viewer cannot see the connections between the Blair Witch and The Forest. Also like all the other scary movies coming out these days, things don’t really speed up until the end.  Also a lot of the beginning is just a bunch of young adults drinking and testing cameras. The film has suspense but its not the scariest movie out there, like most of the horror movies now a days there is a jump scare or two throughout the film while the film itself is cheesy. 

The film in general contains a good story of the Blair Witch, as actors tell tales they’ve heard from others. The beginning really gives a great background story of the sister who disappeared. The brother is shown to have real dedication for finding his sister. At one point a girl is cursed and speeds the movie up a little bit, but not much. The suspense throughout the film makes up for it though, making the viewer not want to look away. Although the camera work isn’t the best you can still see exactly what is going on during their camping trip (or search) and feel like you’re there with them and are experiencing all of the events with the actors. Overall the movie was a six out of ten crazy locals. 

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