Season opens with strong traditions

by Jason Sirovina| Sports Writer

Johnson high school may not have a wild buffalo named Ralphie, charge the football field before a home game or a giant “GO BLUE” banner that the players touch before they take the field. However, Johnson sports have their own special traditions and superstitions to follow.

Jag Cross Country has their own way of getting the team going. They stay in shape while enjoying a team meal.

“On Friday mornings we have a team breakfast where members bring food and we all eat together after the long run,” junior Emily Bandy said.

The Jags run out on the field but before they do they stop to pet the jaguar as a part of their pre-game traditions
photo by Cassidy Curtis

While a team breakfast builds chemistry and helps everyone work better as a group, the Jags take it another step further in order to become more of a family.

“We also have team dinners on Friday nights and everyone enjoys it because we need to get to know each other and take a break from running,” Bandy said.

Jag girl’s soccer has a similar tradition and is a priority according to the coaching staff. They get together outside the walls of Johnson to get closer.

“We have team dinners before every game and it’s important because the girls need to get to know each other outside of soccer,” Coach Stracener said.

The team emphasizes unity and will continue to strengthen their bond as they progress.

“They need to build team chemistry and create a family atmosphere”, Stracener said.

Jag volleyball has their own pre-game routine to energize the players and hype up the upcoming match. The coaches also try to bring the team closer together to create a family like environment.

”Before the start of a match the girls say a team prayer and do a clapping cheer lead by Coach Blakeman” Coach Vaio said.

The team has also has an annual tradition that is supported throughout the school.

“We also have done our yearly Dig Pink night,” Vaio said.

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