Leader in Me: Summary

Leader in Me: Summary

Summer meals for kids!

Lintero III

The History of Valentines Day!

Dogs: The Family Friend #1

Welcome to the new school year! This is Dogs: The Family Friend #1! Today I will talk about the Spitz.

Bad Memory?

Do you have bad memory? Well, not to worry, because there are things that you can do to help.

Dress Code and Behavior Expectations

Dress code and other campus expectations are reviewed to help refresh student memories.

Al-Qeada Hit Hard

The U.S. is beginning to take control over the terrorist group known as the Al-Qeada. The Al-Qaeda tried to attack a few times since the death of their leader, but they have only been small attacks, and they have all failed.

The Weekly Bling!

The next installment of Krueger’s fashion blog.

Unusual & Unique News

You might have been to the battle of Flowers Festival, but I doubt you have been to a festival like these two: The Fireball Festival in El Salvador and the Fireball Festival in Thailand.

Krueger Calendar of Events

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