May 7, 2012

Coming To An End!

We started off with fresh faces, good grades and new friends. As we went along in the year we grew up and learned new things, took a new test called STAAR, and there was just something special and different about this year. Whenever you start a new year, you think, ”Oh dear, this is going to be long year.” But it turns out to be the best days of your life, with the crazy kids, the drama, the cool experiments and just the fact that you get to experience so many new things. The sixth graders got to know what junior high is like, us seventh graders got to see what it’s like being in the middle of everything, and our wild eighth graders got to enjoy their last year of being somewhat younger, before they head off to high school. We wish all of our wonderful eighth graders good luck as being freshmen next year. I like to think about it as if you start off as little fish that slowly grow up until you’re kings of the school, then once you get to high school you start all over again for the next four years of your life. Of course those four years will be a pretty good time, if you love to have fun and be social. We had quite a year at ye ole’ GMS, we won awards for UIL academics and music, and our lovely new yearbook, oh and for being amazing of course. We’ve had new teachers, who I’m sure love it here, and launched our very own newspaper site, which is doing fantastic.

“I can’t wait for the summer to get here, because there’s no school and I get to relax!” Exclaimed Alexis Ybarra (7). Nothing’s better than getting to go swimming, go to the beach, relax, wacth tv, etc in the summer. “I’ll miss all of my best friends during the break!” said Eddie Shoemo (7). “I’ll be up in Oklahoma this summer to visit family,” says Elena Wood (7).

Anyways,  all you guys stay safe and have a fantastic summer this year!

By: Lauren G.