Veterans Day, Holiday?


A day of remembrance and honor, a day that we celebrate the people that will give up their lives for us. That day is Veterans Day. It is celebrated on 11-11-12 and 11-12-12. It is a Federal holiday, yet we still have school. This has many Yearlings complaining. Many Garner students have family that have served in the U.S Military and they want to spend time with them. James Syler (8) believes, “We should all celebrate and take a day off to celebrate our veterans.” Some people will argue that a school ceremony is enough, but wouldn’t you rather have a good time with family and family friends that have served in the military? Even if you don’t know veterans, you can write thank you letters and go to local celebrations that honor and thank these heroes. Don’t take it the wrong way, a school celebration would be nice, but it’s only giving Yearlings thirty minutes to show gratitude before they’re whisked away to go on with school like any other day.

Hopefully one day the school district will realize that Veterans Day is something more than a thirty minute ceremony. “It’s a day where every single soldier should be appreciated for what they do, and did, for us,” says Larissa Ramos (8)

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