Tips For The New Year

It’s that time of year again.  No more sleeping late and playing video games until the wee hours.  No more pool time on a Monday morning.  It’s time to focus and be successful.  It’s time to go back to school.

At Garner we have some tips and tricks to help you through your first few days.

1.)  Walk on the right.  It helps everyone move faster without traffic accidents.

2.)  Follow the dress code.  Remember to save you jeans for Friday College shirt days only.

3.) Don’t run to lunch.  Everyone will get fed!

4.)  Treat your peers and teachers with respect.  You will get more if you give more.

5.)  Always have a pencil with a working eraser.  Every class needs one.

6.) Write down your agenda in every class.  It will help you keep up with due dates.

7.) Have fun and be ready to learn.

You will have a great year if you follow our tips and tricks.