The kids aren’t alright

They say things get better in time, and with the new year just around the corner, we’re wondering how much truth there really is to that statement. Meaning as the years go by, are teenagers more or less committed to the idea of racial equality.
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Students respond to discontinued Saturday school

Second semester of senior year is a blissful feeling like no other. you can skip an entire week of school and not miss a thing probably. But what happens when that one week turns into 100+ days of absences. Saturday school is what you would think of but as of late, that chance for redemptions has been ceased. Yeah, no more quick 3-period long Starbucks trips.

It’s all Greek to me

Graduation is just around the corner, and after you walk that stage its kumbaya to the current crew. So what comes next? For some it’s an independent road but for others it’s a transition to some of the most well renowned Greek sororities and fraternities Universities have to offer.

Perception on Pre-Cal

As the course cards get passed out, underclassmen give nervous glances to each other, unsure of what classes they need, especially with that dreaded four letter word, math. Kids, ease up, we’re here to aid your confusions, starting with the first myth of mathematics, being that pre-cal is required before you take calculus. False.

The fault in modern feminism

With companies like Time magazine wanting to ban the word feminist from their publications, we're starting to wonder if the movement has given itself too much of a negative connotation, and if so, why?